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Dawn has been baking authentic American Bakery products since 1920. Now we are coming to Europe. Read more about our wealth of authentic American Heritage.

Get to know the real taste of American Bakery products

Be original, choose original


Anyone interested in trying the authentic taste of American Bakery must be introduced to Dawn’s products because our roots are in the heart of American baking.

As the number 1 bakery supplier, we closely monitor developments on the European market. Our American heart started to beat a little faster when we saw a number of American icons growing in popularity at European bakeries.

Muffins, brownies and donuts are now well established treats and have proven themselves as substantial sales generators. And the trend continues. American Bakery in Europe is ready for the next level. That is why Dawn Foods is starting a European road trip to introduce bakers from all over Europe to the original taste and possibilities of American Bakery.

Taste it, Bake it, Sell it is the motto of our new European campaign.

Discover our story

Sometimes things are so good that everyone wants them. That is what happened to two bakers in Jackson, Michigan (USA) almost a century ago. Discover the story of the Dawn Donut Company.

American Bakery is #trending

Alongside well-known sales generators like muffins, brownies and donuts, American Bakery offers many other classics that are perfect for today’s tastes. With the share of American Bakery products expected to grow significantly throughout Europe over the coming years, we bring you our Top American Sweet Bakery Trends for 2014 and beyond.

Hero of the month

The spotlight this month is on carrot cake. Carrot cake became very popular in restaurants and cafeterias in the United States in the early sixties. At first it was a new cake that attracted a lot of attention; so many people loved it that it quickly became the most served dessert in the country. In the years that followed, its popularity only continued to grow. Carrot cake was even recently voted one of the trendiest products of the 1970s. And now carrot cake is set to conquer Europe as well! Check out our recipes!

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